Sofa cleaning and how to do it

The sofa is very likely to be your favourite piece of furniture at home. Because of this, you should make sure not to cut any corners when you are handling its cleaning and general maintenance.

Basic sofa cleaning tips

The first thing to do when you are starting the sofa cleaning process is to run a vacuum through it. Make sure that you have the right attachment on the hose and that is perfectly clean, so that you avoid damaging the fabric of which the surface of the sofa is made of. By vacuuming you are going to accomplish the initial very important task – removing any large particles of dirt and dust from the sofa. Do not forget to pay attention to the cushions as well.

Pay special attention to hard to reach or clean areas

Heavily caked in dust and dirt is removed by using a bristle brush. First you use the brush to break up the dirt that has been built in, and after you are finished with that you will be able to easily vacuum everything.

The finer treatment

Lint and fur, which are the main problem when it comes to maintaining a sofa clean and looking tidy, are not so hard to battle off either. Even though regular vacuum cleaners have a tough time collecting lint and fur, you can always get a lint roller and easily fix the problem. You should just work very carefully and cover every inch of the sofa, because otherwise you are going to miss some hair and lint and there will be little sense of accomplishment when you look at the results of your work.

Do not overlook any detail

If your sofa has a wood surface that is exposed, you should not overlook it either. Using a soft cloth, wipe it down carefully to remove stains of any sort. In case there is some sort of a tough stain on the wood, you might need to employ a cleaning product of some sort, which is to be chosen depending on the type of wood we are talking about.

For those special occasions

Heavy stains on the surface of the sofa are too to be treated using a detergent. This is the place where things become a little bit more complicated, because the right choice is again going to be made depending on the type of fabric that the piece of furniture is made of. If you do not keep the documentation that it came with from the store, or the information you need is simply not featured there, you are in a bit of trouble. If you cannot tell the type of fabric, you will either have to ask a friend whom you know you can trust to help you with the assessment, or just call your nearest cleaning company. That would be a much wiser choice than risking permanent damage to the sofa.

As you can see, sofa cleaning is neither hard nor time-consuming, provided that you know what you are doing.

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