5 Essentials for a cleaner home

A clean home equals a happy home. That’s why we have gathered some tips and tricks to help you maintain a cleaner more organized home.

Nothing can beat a clean house. Even if you buy the nicest most expensive furniture out there and you get the best interior designer to help you with your home decor if you don’t regularly deep clean your property it will lose its charm and it won’t be as appealing and cozy. We know very well how busy our everyday life is and how little time we all have to take care of our homes. That’s why we and Monster Cleaning are here to help you.

  • Use Open Storage Containers

With an open container, your cleaning routine will become way easier. Pour some water in it, mix it with a detergent and you are ready. Stores usually sell them in combination with a brush and a mop. You can clean floors, sinks, tiles and many more. For creative readers – you can even clean your car.

  • A Surface Cleaner

We would advise you to find an all-purpose surface cleaner. That way you will be able to clean more things. Another tip – don’t buy cheap ones since they won’t do a very good at in cleaning and sanitizing and they usually smell really bad.

  • Wood Cleaner

Everyone has items in their home that are made of wood. Each home needs a good wood cleaner.

  • Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

A lot of people have carpets in their houses. And carpets are very hard to clean. They easily collect dirt, dust, bacteria. They are stain magnets as well. A strong vacuum cleaner is the best solution for a clean carpet. You should stock up on good vacuum cleaner parts, bags, belts, hoses.

  • Mirrors and Windows Disinfectants

Clean windows and mirrors really change the look of a home. Even if your house is spotless if your windows are dirty it won’t look very good. A good disinfectant will not only clean your windows but will remove all bacteria and germs and will sanitize them.

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