How to disinfect your home effectively using alcohol

If you are a clean freak then you should consider adding another thing in your cleaning chore to-do list – disinfecting. As a matter of fact, everyone should add disinfecting as an important step to their cleaning routines, especially with the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Not only is it going to calm you down a lot but you will actually be able to kill any bacteria that are present in your home. Monster Cleaning was kind enough to help me with this article and provide me with efficient methods you can disinfect your entire home safely. They are an amazing cleaning company in London that recently added another service to their list – a Professional Disinfecting Service. If you are really troubled with the recent events then you might want to give them a call and let them professionally sanitize your home (or office, of course).

Use alcohol when disinfecting

If you don’t happen to have any fancy disinfecting products at your disposal do not panic because the Monster Cleaning team says that alcohol will work just as fine and will kill all of the bacteria that are present. You can use alcohol on any surfaces without worrying about damaging them. Just make sure you use alcohol products that are at least 70 percent alcohol. They are powerful enough to kill every bacteria including COVID-19.

A huge tip from the experts

They advise any of you one thing – do not use vinegar or vodka for disinfecting your home. They say that vinegar is not powerful enough to kill bacteria such as the coronavirus one. When it comes to vodka, they say that the concentration of alcohol present in vodka is not high enough in order to kill viruses. Usually, vodka is only 40 percent alcohol which is not high enough.

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