Learn How To Remove Water Stains From Your Suede Sofa

If you have a suede sofa then you know how easy it gets covered in water stains. It’s pretty annoying but it’s the one downfall of suede couches. But just like any other stain out there, there is a way to remove it which is why you shouldn’t panic!

Prepare rubbing alcohol, a sponge, an old toothbrush, and a spray bottle. These ingredients are all you need to remove water stains – easily and effortlessly!

Start off by gently rubbing the water stain with an old toothbrush. Why? Lighter stains can be buffed out of the suede with this method. In some cases, all it takes to remove water stains is to brush the fibres so they are sticking up instead of lying flat. Once you are done – smooth them back down.

If that doesn’t work then grab the rubbing alcohol – you will be amazed at how effective it is! Pour it in an empty spray bottle then lightly spray the affected area. If you do not have an empty spray bottle then you can also dampen a sponge with the rubbing alcohol and dab the stained area.

Then wait for the liquid to completely dry (15-20 minutes should be enough). I love using rubbing alcohol because it dries up very fast and it doesn’t stain suede. I also use it to clean my suede shoes!

Once it’s dry – use the toothbrush to brush the fibers into place. The stain should be removed by now!

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