How to Deep Clean a Mattress And Remove Stains?

You spend so much time sleeping which means one thing – you need to make sure your mattress as well as your bedroom are spotless, clean, and disinfected, otherwise, you may have health issues such as allergies.

But even though you already know how to deep clean your bedroom – what do you do to deep clean your mattress? I know that you don’t want to waste an entire day cleaning it just to have to wait even longer for it to dry. Thankfully, I know what you need to do instead so you will easily achieve a deep cleaned mattress without wasting too much time!

How to Deep Clean a Mattress And Remove Stains?

I usually use baking soda and vinegar. This is the first cleaning method I am going to tell you about. It’s easy, cheap, and effective.

Just spray vinegar all over the mattress and wait for a few minutes before you sprinkle baking soda on top. Allow both ingredients to work their magic and wait for the fizzing reaction to stop before you vacuum up the powder.

The second cleaning method is for everyone that hates the smell of vinegar and refuses to use it as a cleaner – especially in their bedroom. Instead, you are going to use borax. Fill a spray bottle with water and dampen your mattress before you sprinkle the borax all over the surface. If there are any stains, grab a sponge or a scrub brush and scrub the stain with it – you might even want to sprinkle more borax on that area too.

Then simply allow the water to dry so you can easily vacuum up the borax.

What To Do With Stubborn Stains?

If there is a super stubborn stain and you can’t seem to get rid of with the other method then it’s time to use hydrogen peroxide. Dampen a cloth with the liquid and dab it into the stained area. Scrub for a minute or so but don’t go overboard and definitely be gentle – hydrogen peroxide is very strong. Then just let it dry!