How to Clean Your Stone Floors?

Do you have stone floors? I know how beautiful they are and how stylish they make your house look, however, they need to be cleaned a specific way because otherwise, you can damage them very fast.

Today, I am going to teach you how to clean your stone countertops but, of course, these tips and tricks are also suitable for any other stone surface in your home – from stone countertops and tiles to even your stone fireplace! And trust me – it’s so much easier than you may think!

How to Clean Your Stone Floors?

The first thing you need to keep in mind is to always clean spills as fast as possible so you can avoid stains from forming. No matter what you spill – whether it will be food, juice, or even wine or coffee, you need to immediately blot the liquid with a paper towel.

Next thing I want you to keep in mind is to vacuum clean your stone floors at least once every two days. It’s extremely important to keep them free of dirt, dust, and impurities which can leave scratches and ruin the surface.

And now when it comes to the actual cleaning, you will need a mop and a special pH-neutral stone cleaner. I know I usually like to use vinegar for cleaning my home, however, avoid vinegar as well as other similar acidic ingredients such as lemon juice at all cost. Stone and acidity do not mix well and will create terrible irreversible damage. If you have stone countertops, walls, or anything else aside from floors, use the same stone cleaner but just mix it in a smaller container and use a cloth instead of a mop.

And after you have covered the surface with the stone cleaner, you have to rinse the surface and remove that residue. Fill a bucket with warm water and use your mop to rinse everything.

Are you ready for the final step? It’s drying the surface! You should never let any stone surface air-dry. Just get an old towel and wipe the floor or any other stone surface you cleaned.