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Using vinegar when doing the laundry? Here is how to do that!

All of us have heard of using vinegar when cleaning our homes. In fact, a lot of us actually do use vinegar as an all-purpose cleaner. I even have made a lot of different cleaning recipes I have found on the internet but no one talks about using vinegar when doing the laundry…

Of course, I am not talking about apple cider vinegar – I am talking about using white distilled vinegar! They are completely different.

Distilled white vinegar is safe to use on clothes – it won’t stain them or damage them. In fact, it will do the opposite!

– You can easily remove stains with it!

Just pour some on a clean cloth and dab the affected area of your clothing item.

– You can brighten discolouration in white clothes

Soak any white clothing which is discoloured in a bucket filled with warm water and a little bit white vinegar!

– You can soften towels

All you need is two cups of white distilled vinegar to soften your towels!

– You can remove bad smells

All you need to do in order to deal with stains that smell bad ( for example, under the arms) is to fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spray the affected area!

Here is how to easily clean your hardwood floor

Hardwood floors are pretty easy to clean and maintain good looking, however, there are some specific methods that you should implement in your cleaning routine depending on the different finish of the floor.

This way you will be able to prevent any type of damage.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is to always remove any types of spills immediately.

How to prevent any damage

I have a few rules that you should follow if you want to avoid damage.

Use protector pads under furniture which will make sure that no scratches occur on the flooring.

You also shouldn’t walk in high heels on the hard floor. If you have a pet – trim their nails on a regular basis so that they don’t scratch the surface.

If you spill something – wipe it immediately.

Vacuum the flooring often which will make sure that all dust, dirt, and other impurities won’t damage the protective finish.

A guide to the cleaning schedule you should follow

Cleaning is the only way your hardwood floor will always look good.

You should vacuum every day (use a floor-brush attachment) and mop once or twice a week (use a mop that has a microfiber cloth pad).

If you don’t want to use a commercial cleaner

When you mop the floors you need to use a cleaner, however, commercial cleaners aren’t always the best solution. Some of them can be quite strong and can contain ingredients that are too harsh for the floor.

If you want you can simply mix warm water and dish soap.

Here is how to clean your pans with baking soda

Your pans and pots need a little extra care from time to time – deep cleaning them with baking soda is a great cleaning method to try for yourself. You will be able to remove tough stains and leftover burnt food that is stubborn and won’t come out no matter how hard you scrub.

It’s safe for your pans and pots, therefore, you can use baking soda anytime you use them and there is a stubborn stain left on them.

All you need is boiling water and baking soda

Simply fill the pan/ pot with water and put it on your stove to boil it.

Continue with adding baking soda (around 2 tablespoon is enough) and stir – use a wooden spoon. Do this for a couple of minutes then throw away the water and rinse the pan/ pot.

Do this for a shiny copper bottom

Turn your pan/ pot upside down and sprinkle the copper bottom with baking soda. Next, grab vinegar and pour some over the baking soda.

Another thing you can do is to cut up a lemon in half and use one half to scrub the area.

How to disinfect your home effectively using alcohol

If you are a clean freak then you should consider adding another thing in your cleaning chore to-do list – disinfecting. As a matter of fact, everyone should add disinfecting as an important step to their cleaning routines, especially with the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Not only is it going to calm you down a lot but you will actually be able to kill any bacteria that are present in your home. Monster Cleaning was kind enough to help me with this article and provide me with efficient methods you can disinfect your entire home safely. They are an amazing cleaning company in London that recently added another service to their list – a Professional Disinfecting Service. If you are really troubled with the recent events then you might want to give them a call and let them professionally sanitize your home (or office, of course).

Use alcohol when disinfecting

If you don’t happen to have any fancy disinfecting products at your disposal do not panic because the Monster Cleaning team says that alcohol will work just as fine and will kill all of the bacteria that are present. You can use alcohol on any surfaces without worrying about damaging them. Just make sure you use alcohol products that are at least 70 percent alcohol. They are powerful enough to kill every bacteria including COVID-19.

A huge tip from the experts

They advise any of you one thing – do not use vinegar or vodka for disinfecting your home. They say that vinegar is not powerful enough to kill bacteria such as the coronavirus one. When it comes to vodka, they say that the concentration of alcohol present in vodka is not high enough in order to kill viruses. Usually, vodka is only 40 percent alcohol which is not high enough.